Shauntahl Belgrave

Shauntahl is a Doula of the Soul, Wisdom Keeper and Educator in how to harmonize ones mind, body, and spirit. Her purpose is to be of service and support to you, dear one, on your journey to remembering, rebirthing, and rediscovering  your infinite soul self as to live with awareness of your soul purpose.

Shauntahl will support you through rediscovery using ThetaHealing®, Reiki, Shamanic Practices , as well as BodyTalk, and Kundalini Yoga Practices.

It is her honour to support you on your journey of living in alignment to your heart and soul.




ThetaHealing® Technique is a method of training your mind & body to go deep into a meditative state, to the theta brainwave level, so you can connect deeply to the creator within you and of all of creation. By connecting to Source you can clear limiting beliefs that block you to living your ideal life. ThetaHealing® Technique is used in conjunction with conventional medicine and therapy. Though this technique you will learn how to deeply connect with your intuition abilities as to create spontaneous and emotional wellbeing. 

Energy ReAlignment Session

Experience what it would be like to be in alignment to who you truly are without the influence of  energy that doesn’t belong to you, often that takes the form a stress. Through the frequency of sound for each chakra you will activate, clear the energy of each chakra, and bring in the frequency of healing through mantra and Kundalini Reiki.

Birthing Your Infinite Self | Program

We are all infinite beings who incarnate on this planet with a purpose, with lessons we came to learn, and with the intent of expanding our soul’s experience at knowing thy self in all aspects. Many of us also come to heal the genetic lines and clear the patterns of unconscious destructive patterns. The only way our beautiful souls can come in though is through a tiny human body that is so very dependent on our parents, family, and environment for our survival. Many of these conditionings never teach us from young how to energetically clear ourselves so we can thrive and do what we came here to do until something significant happens. But it doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to be traumatic.

Investing in yourself and your journey; you will be supported, experience and learn how to energetically clear your energy field of disturbances that have accumulated as we activate, clear, and bring in the power of sound resonance. Making space within your energy field also allows for you to anchor in more of your infinite soul self and to remember and live your divine purpose.