Black Pearl Treatment 

with  Amie Young

Black Pearl Technique is a hands-on stress reduction modality that calms your nervous system and addresses the emotional regions of your brain. Through massage-like touch, pulsing and work with your energetic meridians you are guided into a state of deep relaxation. This relaxed state allows for the release of deep-seated trauma and encourages accessible healing on all levels.


During the session you lie (fully clothed), on a massage table and can expect some firm touch, which I will review with you prior to beginning. You will also notice sweeping motions and feel the light holding of energetic points at your head and feet.



90 min. Session | $135 +hst

In these private sessions Heather draws upon a variety of modalities. Sessions predominantly include the use of crystals. They may also incorporate vocal exercises, physical exercises, hands on adjustments, guided visualizations, affirmations/ subconscious work, shadow integration, energy work and more. Her goal is to maintain a space of comfort and curiosity, where healing can occur through inquisitiveness; as you search together to notice what is remarkable and draw connections and conclusions from there. Her hope is that you leave each session feeling more balanced and empowered as you develop your connection to the wisdom of your own inner healer.


30 min. Session | $45 +hst

60 min. Session | $75 +hst

Chakra Balancing

with  Heather Erin

Didgeridoo Sound Healing

with Justine Sanderson

Justine utilizes Didgeridoo, Native Flute, Tibetan Singing Bowls, World Percussion and Voice coupled with her passion and positive intent to heal others through the power of sound. With the understanding that a healthy body and mind is a tuned body and mind Justine shares her musical knowledge and sound techniques to help her clients restore and maintain a healthy and happy rhythm throughout their day to day lives.



Single Session | $100 +hst

Semi-Private Session | $145 +hst

A session with Deanne begins with open & relaxed conversation, centering around current events, emotions and perhaps challenges or questions that feel prominent in your life. It can be helpful for you to bring an intention to your session, something you would like to work on, work through, release or call into your life. The intention you set either ahead of time or reveal through conversation is likely to be the focus of the Energy Work. Deanne has many healing modalities in her basket and works with practiced skill and intuition to help you on your journey to your highest and best self.

The initial part of your session will be spent sitting as you share your story with Deanne and latter portion will be spent lying on a massage table. It is here Deanne work on balancing your chakras and clearing energy blocks, which allows for a healthy flow and increases health and well-being. Wear comfortable clothing to your appointment - as you will remain fully clothed. Loose fitting clothes allow for better energy flow.

Each session lasts up to 2 hours.


Single Session | $108 +hst

Energy Healing

with  Deanne Enright

Generational Healing™

with Vanessa Benlolo


During a Generational Healing™ session, you will lie down comfortably on a massage table, in a peaceful, quiet healing space. We will discuss your lineage what is ailing you and what you are experiencing in your life that brought you to seek Generational Healing™. Then, Vanessa Benlolo will invite one of your ancestors to come forward to guide her in the healing. As she facilitates the healing, the subtle energies communicate and share with her what your ancestor experienced and what they have come forward to heal. You will understand how what you have been experiencing in your life has been impacted by your ancestor's unhealed trauma, that is now released.

The best way to receive is by opening your heart and mind, allowing your ancestor to receive the healing work that they desire to be released, and so you can experience the benefits of feeling lighter, happier, more relaxed, and at ease.

Sessions last one hour and in every session, one ancestor comes forward to heal one trauma that is currently being experienced by you.


  • Physical pain that you carry from an ancestor.

  • Mental trauma that your ancestor is asking to be healed.

  • Emotional trauma that is causing you to feel the way you do.

  • Spiritual wounds that keep you feeling lost and uncertain of your purpose and destiny.



Single Session| $150 +hst

This 60-minute deep conversation will be guided by ancient wisdom teachings and universal spiritual principles to help guide you to new understandings and perceptions of what is possible for you in your life. If you are feeling stuck or struggling and you want to create lasting changes and experience true lasting transformation in any area of your life these sessions will help guide you there.



60 min. Session | $79 +hst

Life Coaching/ Spiritual Direction

with  Nona Morrow

Lila Somatics

with Kathi Coyle

Soma is the Greek word meaning body. Somatic Awareness is a means of waking up to the wisdom of the body and these one on one sessions allow for deeper exploration and connection with one’s inner and physical self.

Client centred; we will work on perceived weaknesses within the body to open up access to the body's innate strength, mobility and wisdom.

Traditional exercises, Pilates Technique, Yogic Philosophy, the Pilates Reformer and a variety of equipment may be used during each session. It is possible that we will also touch on the underlying emotional or spiritual patterns that serve to keep us locked into ineffectual patterns; by addressing these patterns as well, we are able to see progress and change occur rapidly.



60 min. Session | $100 +hst

Osteopaths works with the body using the anatomy on all layers to guide each treatment. The body is self-healing and self-regulating and as long as muscles and organs are getting the supply they need through the arteries and nerves, then proper drainage can take place through the vein and lymphatic system which will restore health of the body. Having this manual therapy treatment is a very gentle and relaxing experience.


30 min. Session | $30 +hst

Manual Therapy Session

with Malerie McMillian


with  Amie Young

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect.

Reiki is an ancient technique that was recently rediscovered in Japan in the early 1900s. It is often used for stress reduction and relaxation and as a catalyst for healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. Reiki can also be delivered without physical touch, for those who don't enjoy close contact.

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit.


30 min. Trial Session | $50 +hst

60 min. Session | $95 +hst

90 min. Session | $135 +hst

Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Education Programs


Our programs are dedicated to your personal evolution and your children's inner harmony and balance in the world, providing you with knowledge and guidance, giving you permission and the steps to allow your children to self express who they are, not what society wants or expects them to be.


Each program is delivered on a weekly basis giving space for you to review, integrate, and ground your Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ experience in your body, mind, and spirit. We offer you an evolutionary approach to honouring yourself at all stages of your womanhood: mother, sister, daughter, woman, and friend. 

Packages Available

Soul Parent 

Spiritual Child™

with Vanessa Benlolo

Soul Speaks Sessions

with  Vanessa Benlolo

Each week as a group we will look to focus our awareness and “just be” as we let go of our attachments and focus through deep listening and mindful breathing. Each session will revolve around a 25 minute silent meditation that will begin and conclude with a short and gentle sound bath created on beautiful Paiste Planetary Gong. This sacred instrument is tuned to the orbit of a celestial body in our solar system and will help to ground you with its deeply resonant, healing and transformative tones upon entering meditation and will bring clarity and peace to your mind as you awaken from your meditative state.

As a group we will find new inspiration and work to increase our mindful awareness of the present moment. This can help us to connect with our true compassionate, peaceful and loving nature. In Group Meditation we tap into the same silence and source of peace as others within the group creating a caring, supportive and safe space. We will work together to help strengthen our home Meditation practice which in turn will strengthen our connection to our loved ones, our friends, our co-workers and everyone that we interact with.

The self knowledge we gain from Meditation allows us to see our situations, emotions, thoughts and words with an increased clarity and awareness. This can create more happiness within us and around us bringing an increased genuine appreciation to our lives.

No previous meditation experience is required to attend.

Packages Available.

Therapeutic Astrology session offers access to the wisdom of your Soul’s Blueprint; an exploration of Life Purpose and your Soul’s Evolutionary Intent for this lifetime; your Karma, family legacy; Fate, Past Lives & Destiny.

Disclaimer: Mary Ann does not give advice about decisions, but hopes to offer clarity from the dynamics (emotional undertones, karmic patterns) of your birth chart to assist your decision.


$200 First Session | 90 min. +hst

$150 Subsequent |60 min. +hst

Therapeutic Astrology Sessions

with  Mary Ann Macri



with Rebecca Ward

Rebecca Ward has been practicing massage and body work for over 5 years. She first started practicing and learning while living in Hawaii where she was immersed in a community of people who were all practicing different healing modalities and massage. Now offering a beautifully unique style of her own that changes from person to person. Combining the styles of Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Acupressure and Thai; every movement and touch being infused with loving, kind presence and energy. Throughout the massage you have the option of receiving aromatherapy with therapeutic grade Essential oils to deeply allow the entire system to release and regenerate.

The massage will be ultimately relaxing as well as completely rejuvenating, healing and pleasing for body, mind and spirit.


60 min. Session | $80 +hst

90 min. Session | $100 +hst

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