Heather Smith

Sanctuari is like a womb...peaceful, safe, a genuine space in which one is instinctively able to be whole, raw and present. The guides are honest, caring, kind, Authentic and encouraging. The classes offer an array of opportunity to build on multifaceted healing, strengthening, and integrated body movement, mind softening, soul cleansing and spirit elevating foundations.

Collingwood, 2017

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Marla Hahna

" I have attended two sessions of Barre Class and it has reinforced to me, the benefits of this kind of exercise. I am a 67 year old woman and have had lower back problems for most of my adult life. I have always known that we need to keep moving and try to commit to this every week. But this class has been a quiet surprise for me in that it targets the smaller muscles in my back that have always been my challenge. No other class has done this for me. During the last class I found myself so focused with Kathi's instructions, that I was almost in a meditative state - one with the movement and awareness of my body! It is gentle yet effective. I highly recommend it for all ages"

Collingwood, 2016

Dragica Vidakovic

"Working with Kathi has led me on a path of finding myself. It's not all about my body, but by diving into the nitty gritty corners of my body, by giving them new patterns, I am able to enjoy a tenacious strength and can feel that my muscles work effectively together. I have found a new discipline through this work which combines education, creativity, exploration, trust and universal truth that I can tap into for guidance and grace when I need it most."

Collingwood, 2016


Sally Martins

"Working with Kathi on my Pilates practice has been such a rewarding experience. She is extremely knowledgeable in the workings of the human body and regularly demonstrates an understanding of her client's body and needs. She ensure her clients understand the what and why and how of each technique. In every interaction it is apparent that she is truly passionate about her work and her possitive attitude, energy and enthusiasm about pilates and life in general is highly contagious. My work with Kathi has dramatically improved my strength, flexibility, notorious 'poor posture' and overall body awareness, all of which have had a positive impact on other aspects of my life"

Mississauga, 2007

The only person better than you is the person you have yet to become.
— Juliet Dillinger