Missy B

Missy has always loved being in nature and nourishing her body and soul with nature’s beautiful gifts. Even as a young girl her passion was clear as she loved to create colourful, nourishing plant based meals for friends and family. Missy experienced and connected that creation with love and passion. The sense of serving others gave the gift of deep gratitude and joy.

Filled with grateful and joyful energy Missy’s whole self was nourished and she was propelled into the direction where she found her sense of life purpose; Teaching yoga and offering one on one sessions working with the vibrations of Planetary Sound Bowls and connecting with the Ancestors to facilitate Generational Healing™.

 In 2003, she embraced Yoga. The art of Asana and conscious breath deeply nourished, balanced and opened her heart and two years later received certification in Meditation and Hatha Yoga Instruction. 

Curiosity and opening heart led to experiencing Tibetan Planet Singing Bowls.  It is believed that traditionally seven metals were used in the crafting of the bowls, one to represent each of the seven inner planets. Feeling deep resonance with the bowls, soon after Missy studied for and received certification as a Tibetan Planetary Bowl Practitioner. Falling in love with the sound, melodic vibration and the connected frequency with the planets, Missy treasures the beauty in each bowl.

Curiosity, passion and love of self-exploration led Missy to Generational Healing™. She trained  with a Professional Generational Healing™ teacher, and received certification in 2019. Generational Healing offers an opportunity to heal a family lineage from multi-generational trauma and thus liberates clients from carrying those burdens forward. This modality is based on the truth that we all have a connection to our ancestors that is potent and profound.

 Missy’s intention is to hold clear honour, grace and gratitude — an extension of nature’s beauty, creativity and nourishment to the whole self.


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During your Generational Healing™ Session, you will lay down comfortably in a peaceful, quiet, healing space. We will discuss your family lineage, what is ailing you, and what you are experiencing in your life that you would like to change. Sessions last for one hour. You may ask questions afterwards if it is in relation to the work being done. The best way to receive the work is by opening your heart and mind, allowing your ancestors to do the healing work that they desire to be released, and experience the benefits of feeling lighter, happier, more relaxed and at ease.

Single Session: $150 plus HST


Tibetan Planet Singing Bowl Therapy

Your session begins with Missy B in a consultation where you can share any concerns and what you'd like to work on. From that she will choose the bowls and course of treatment to address your unique needs.

You'll simply lay back and receive the cosmic sounds and vibrations that break through blockages and return you to your essential vibration.

At the end, you'll have some quiet time alone to integrate the healing.

Sessions are 60-75 minutes in length

Offering: $120 plus HST

Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.
— Unknown