love your womb

summer series
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join us this summer

Immerse yourself in the gifts of your inner wisdom

Connect with soulful community

Learn & practice modern twists on traditional practices

Commune with your body and self in new, healing ways

Engage with transformation and experience deep self love & liberation

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experience the wisdom of your womb

You are invited to join us for connection and learning, steeped in the wisdom of traditional healing. Love Your Womb is a time to reacquaint yourself with your wombspace in community with like hearted women. During this summer series you will travel from your inner womb wisdom towards your outer world and into what it means to live in sync with your cycle.


Together we will explore

  • womb massage

  • cycle tracking

  • fertility awareness

  • yoni steaming

  • movement

  • the pelvic floor

  • womb yoga

  • breath

  • lifestyle


Please know these evenings and their practices are suitable for all women, of all ages, in all cycles of life. Best of all, they are self care tools you can use yourself at home with little to no investment.

journey within

cycle awareness • yoni steaming •

inner wisdom

wednesday, july 13 @ 630pm

Spend an evening with Amie Young, getting to know your cycle and how it’s about more than menstruating, fertility and menopause. You will learn how cycle awareness can have an incredible affect on how you live your life (fertility, sex, eating, working, parenting, moving, living with your partner and more.) Connect with what a healthy cycle could mean for you along with nourishing womb care practices

Engage with the traditional practice of Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming*, which is also referred to as peristeam hydrotherapy. This has been practiced the world over by generations of women for fertility challenges, fibroids, painful sex, postpartum care, uterine/bladder/rectal prolapse and so much more. To steam is such a beautiful gift that has the potential for incredible physical and emotional healing. 

Learn what these connections can offer you in our modern world, how and when they apply and why they just may change your relationship to your body and possibly your life!

*To note, we will not be partaking in a steam at this event. There will be opportunity to connect with Amie for a personalized steam plan and/or your own, hand-crafted yoni steam stool.

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tune in with touch

womb massage • breath •

cyclical living

wednesday, august 17th @ 630pm

Let’s come together and discuss how to become reconnected with our body’s innate wisdom. Shayne Henderson will guide you in understanding your cycle, womb, and the impact they have on your life and health for the better. Over time we have been taught that one of our greatest strengths is a weakness and it couldn’t be further from the truth. We can be our own medicine when we slow down, lean into the messages of our body and use our hands to connect.

We have the ability to heal at our fingertips. Touch allows us to connect our external and internal together. Self massage over your womb space can help with abdominal tension and pain, constipation, inflammation, as well as bring a level of self compassion our bodies, minds and souls may be missing.


Learn how to assess your abdomen, some gentle and loving self massage strokes and bring yourself into a mindset to embrace the beautiful power and softness of your womb space. 

Our goal in this time together is to become more in-tune with your cycle and connect to your incredible womb space, allowing you to fall in love with your female power.

heal with movement

meet your pelvic floor • womb care yoga

wednesday, july 17th @ 630pm

Pelvic Floor Gems with Shayne

Our bodies are beautifully connected from our head to our toes. Right in the center we find our pelvis, which protects our most vital female parts. In Shayne’s session we will be exploring boundaries, connecting with the marvellous ways we can slow down to enjoy and how mobility creates the foundation of movement for our body as a whole. This hour we will get into some juicy movement to light up and connect on a deeper level.


Womb Care Yoga with Amie

Learn how to care for yourSelf and work with the shifting energy of your personal rhythms. Amie will show you how to connect with the needs of your body and how to navigate movement or practices you may already be doing during each phase of your cycle. This reflective 60 minute practice will connect your breath, mind & body. 

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