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nottawa, ontario
september 22, 2022
10a to 6p



We believe that connection is medicine with the power to heal the heart and whole the soul.

dear soulful sisters you are invited

We whole-heartedly welcome you to join us in a day of joyous expansion. The autumn equinox is a profound time to commune with intention and gather with compassionate community. During this day of retreat blanketed in ceremony we will get present with what is, release unserving aspects of what was and dream with our whole beings the beauty we will our futures to become.

Find yourSelf surrounded by nature at Amie's home, in Nottawa, Ontario. Here we will connect with self and each other as we explore healing, acknowledgement, release, reclamation and celebration.

May this day be the day you feel held, allowing yourself to crack open in the arms of your sisters. It is from this brilliant opening that your heart and soul may lead the way.

The question is...

Are you ready?

"It is through the heart that we elevate & evolve."

your day of retreat includes

ceremony & intention setting
name your hearts desire and call it into being
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mindful movement
where nature and breath meet body and soul
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cyclical celebration
embrace the teachings and power of your cycle
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ground, reflect & nourish with whole, healing foods
dance with inner wisdom and lead with trust
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cacao & ecstatic dance
get present, open your heart and let your body guide you
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this retreat is for you if you

  • seek connection & community

  • know that life has bigger plans for you

  • want to meet your intuitive self

  • need to let what is inside out and set yourself free

  • crave inspiration, nourishment & inner harmony

  • like trying new things

  • feel at home in circle with sisters

  • desire healing, beauty and joy

  • are open to seeing yourself in a new light

soulful sisterhood | equinox retreat

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full day of events from 10am to 6pm

Journey from your outer world and come to sit with the wise woman inside of you through ceremony, movement, connection, practice, play and release.


one full day dedicated to
magnificent YOU

$299 +hst
payment plans available
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if you've got Q's, we've got A's!

Send us all your questions and we will get back to you ASAP!

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