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Edie Gudaitis

Edie discovered yoga in 2008, while attending a performing arts high school for dance. However, her real love affair with the practice started in 2014 while she was battling various health issues. Yoga offered a place for Edie to explore her body and mind and to reflect on herself as a whole. Initially, Edie preferred the vinyasa, power and hot flow classes - the more heating and active classes. However, as chronic injuries from dance and other activities resurfaced, she came to appreciate restorative and hatha yoga. From slowing down and trying different types of yoga, Edie began to understand that yoga is a highly transformative and sacred practice; a guide to a healthy and more balanced way of life.

Edie completed her 200hr Lila Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Clara Roberts-Oss and Carolyn Anne Budgell in Sri Lanka, in October 2019.


Mindfulness Coaching

There are countless benefits for becoming more Mindful – connection and joy, are two great examples. Mindfulness is about cultivating awareness in one’s life. Meditation + yoga, self-reflection + self-inquiry and journaling, are wonderful mindfulness tools that help to create awareness, acceptance and action. By slowing down and practicing Mindfulness, we become more connected with ourselves, present in our lives and compassionate towards the people + communities around us. Living a more mindful life helps ground us in the moment with curiosity, compassion and grace – especially when navigating change beyond our control.

Mindfulness Coaching sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Sessions may include:

  • defining clear and attainable goals, timelines and actionable steps to get you closer to the life you desire

  • discussing and addressing current life concerns in relation to meeting your end goals – identifying where you might be “stuck” and potential next steps

  • focusing on being more embodied through personalized, guided yoga and meditation practices to help you be more present in all aspects of your life.




One-on-One Yoga

Yoga is a powerful mindfulness tool, which can help to create inner peace + be a guide to a healthier and more balanced way of life. It is a sacred and transformative practice that connects mind + body + spirit. It is called a “practice” as it is a place to learn and explore more aspects of ourselves. The learning, the curiosity, the commitment to our growth, never ends.

The benefits of yoga are evolutionary; they include:

  • Reduced stress + anxiety

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Increased focus + mental clarity

  • Increased mobility + flexibility + strength

  • Enhanced immune system

Edie's yoga classes are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Intentional and fluid sequencing links breath to movement, creating more space within the body and focus in the mind. The classes end with restorative poses that help guide you into a more relaxed state. Classes can include core strengthening, twists, inversions, balancing postures and back bends - depending on your goals. Every sequence is carefully crafted to stretch and strengthen the physical and subtle body, while also focusing on safe posture alignment and the importance of breath. Edie is a huge proponent for props and modifications. Her aim is to make yoga as accessible as possible and to meet you where you are at in your practice.

"Through my yoga classes, I seek to help clients feel more empowered in their life, connected to their truth and balanced in their body and mind."

These sessions take palce at our loctaion on 64 Hume St. in Collingwood.


One-on-One Meditation

Meditation is a powerful + transformative Mindfulness practice, which helps cultivate awareness and acceptance of the present moment.

Some benefits of Meditation include:

  • Reduces stress + anxiety

  • Increases sense of well-being

  • Increases sense of connectedness + empathy

  • Improves focus + mental clarity + memory

  • Increases creativity + decision-making

  • Improves cardiovascular health

  • Enhances your immune system

  • Reduces physical + emotional pain

My meditation sessions draw from various types of meditation. I commonly combine “concentration meditation” (which uses breath as an anchor) to help clients focus attention on their breath and sensations within their body – to feel + connect with their body from the inside out. I also incorporate breathing exercises into my meditation offerings to help focus the mind, move stagnant energy + create space within, and to help guide the body + mind into a more relaxed state. I like to end my meditation sessions with a mantra or affirmation. I find they are great tools to help create new neural pathways and more positive/ healthy thought patterns in the brain. Through each meditation, I seek to help students feel more grounded in their body, open in their heart and relaxed in their mind.