Change is inevitable.

Engage with change and it becomes


Our Mission | To embrace, inspire and celebrate the changing Self.

At Sanctuari when you walk through the door we’ll meet you where you’re at. Our team has the tools to help you move better, let go of that stress and tap into what is going on under the surface.

Sanctuari’s always ready for you, so there is no need to lug a mat or props around - unless you want to of course! We’ve got everything you need right here. Begin any practice or session in our lounge with a cup of tea. If you are looking to get grounded, enjoy the peace and quiet in our Heart Center - our meditation room.

As a Transformative Arts Center, we aren’t your average yoga studio. Everything we offer is unique and rich with passion & tradition. We are committed to providing a safe, inclusive environment where you can explore your true Self. 

Come as you are and find your Sanctuari.