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Change is inevitable.
When you engage with change it has the chance to become transformation.

Sanctuari's Mission | to embrace, inspire and celebrate the changing Self.

At Sanctuari when you walk through the door we’ll meet you where you’re at. Our team has the tools to help you move better, let go of stressors and tap into what is going on under the surface, connecting your with your innate ability to heal.

As a Transformative Arts Center, we aren’t your average wellness studio. Everything we offer is unique and rich with passion & tradition. We are committed to providing a safe, inclusive environment where you can explore your true Self. 

Come as you are and find your Sanctuari.

How did I end up here?

One summer day back in 2018 I full heartedly took a plunge into Universal trust and oh what a ride it has been! I tell you what I learned, blessings are abundant if you are able to step back and notice them. I certainly have not always lived my life that way. As soon as I was able to get out of my own way --- BAM! my life was overflowing with wonderful people, adventures and surroundings. One of those blessings was crossing the threshold of Sanctuari, feeling my shoulders soften and my heart feel immediately at home. I recall asking myself


"Did I dream up this incredible place and all of these beautiful, kind, talented humans?!"

From day one I knew this was my place and more importantly this was the community I wanted to contribute to and thrive in. It has been such an incredible journey of transformation for me personally and heart filling to see the shifts in each of you that have been to Sanctuari, even if only once.

I look forward to holding space here at Sanctuari, exercising flexibility in these change filled days and continuing to serve this special community for years to come.

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Sanctuari's Keeper