Chakra Flow

with  Heather

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This yoga class utilizes asanas (postures) to nourish our body and subtle bodies through the lens of the chakras. No two classes are ever the same, this variety helps to bring all of the systems back into alignment over time. Each class uses yogic philosophy to direct our mental energy which compliments the physical practice so that the whole self is integrated and our spirits can develop organically, which will help to move energy throughout the self, and all that entails. You may leave feeling lighter and more balanced as you move with greater freedom and understanding.

Flow & Restore mixes the best of flow with soothing restorative postures. This class offers a flow of Yang (heated) postures to challenge you and provide strengthening opportunities, then closes with some deep stretches and relaxing Restorative poses to finish. Connect with Self as you watch the body with curiosity, transitioning from posture to posture with breath as your guide. Allow this information to seep in to your awareness of where to focus your letting go.

You may leave this class feeling as if you have clicked your internal reset button.

Flow & Restore

with  Amie / Laurie 

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Gentle Yoga

with Amie / Kathi 

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Get in touch with your body while you learn & grow with Yoga. Each class will explore different fundamental elements of yoga and the body, including meditation, pranayama (breath work), asana (postures), chanting and yogic philosophy. Emphasis is placed on your understanding, safety, and stability within each pose. Learn the why's behind the poses, proper alignment for your body and engage in a practice that will compliment your life on many levels.


This class is perfect for the new and experienced Yogi/Yogini, if you have been away from you mat for a while or if you are looking to get back into a routine.

An asana and movement class designed exclusively for goddesses, to work with the moon and its cycles, taking place late on Moon-day, after She has made herself known in the sky. This class is designed to strengthen, lengthen, tone, connect and challenge you while honouring the complexity and diversity of the female body and its correlated energy.


The intention of this class is to create and maintain a safe space where women can open, rest, unblock, receive, release, reset, reintegrate, re-calibrate, discover, uncover and just be.

Goddess Flow

with  Heather

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Hatha Flow

with Patricia

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Align movement with breath as you travel through this Hatha Vinyasa style class. Hatha Flow offers a creative sequence of poses that are designed to get you out of your head and into your body. This dynamic, movement-based class focuses on flowing between poses using the breath as a guide. Each class will Include variations of sun salutations, standing, seated, twists, inversions and balancing poses, and will have you exploring your body and your practice in new ways.


All levels welcome.

Kundalini Yoga, an ancient practice that gives you the tools to heal your body and expedite your spiritual growth. Each class includes Pranayama (breath work), Mantra (sound), Kriya (physical movement), Shavasana (deep relaxation), and Meditation.


Kundalini Yoga provides:

INNER GUIDANCE to develop the power of the intuitive mind.

SACRED SOUND vibrations that affect the body, mind and spirit throughout the movement of the mouth and tongue, and change the chemicals in the brain.

KARMA TRANSITIONING INTO DHARMA by bringing you into a conscious living state rather than a reactive response to karma.

PROTECTION FROM NEGATIVITY by fortifying and expanding your electromagnetic field, or aura.

EMOTIONAL BALANCE is achieved as we strengthen the nervous system, balance the glands, purify the blood and cleanse the subconscious thought patterns.

PHYSICAL STRENGTH AND STAMINA BUILDING by physical movement through specific Kriyas designed to develop aspects of our body systems.

DEEP RELAXATION AND HEALING as the nerve endings get a tune up and the body reorganizes and heals. Regular practice provides extra stamina and resilience to deal with everyday stress.

Kundalini Yoga

with  Deanne

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Lila Barre

with Kathi

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Principle Barre was designed by two ballerina’s including Heather Ogden, principle ballerina for the National Ballet of Canada. Students come to enjoy a fun workout while also improving balance, coordination and poise. This is NOT a dance class, this is the workout that trains for the strength and endurance dancers need.

Kathi teaches this class true to the syllabus while adding her own flavour of recuperative and integrating techniques that allow non-dancers to get the most out of the workout. Participants may leave the class in an almost meditative state.

It's time to return to our bodies. Somatics is a beautiful approach that helps build a bridge of communication between our bodies and our brains. We have been told how to move, and what we're supposed to feel for so long, its time to find out what is best for ourselves. You are the one inside your body. You are the only one who can really know what it feels like to be you.

Learn about your body, as functional anatomy is explored through a variety of Pilates, Yoga and Bartenieff Fundamentals techniques as you lengthen, strengthen and begin to feel at home in your own skin.

Aches and Pains are not an inevitable part of aging. Come and move your way into a younger feeling body, and regain the spunk for activities you used to love, but started to hurt.


Kathi integrates self-care and integrative movements into this class. This is a class unlike any other. You will learn about how to efficiently engage the muscles in your body, feeling like you really worked, but will leave in a centred state feeling that you treated yourself to more than just a workout, but a full body self-care/love treatment.

Lila Somatics

with Kathi

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Lila Somactics 2.0

with Kathi

Classes - Pilates 2.0.png

Enjoy this slightly more intense morning, get up and go, class. Enjoy a fluid flow from warm up to close, allowing your body to feel invigorated, your mind to open to new ways of moving and your spirit to feel the rush of a little challenge to start the day.


Combining Somatics, Pilates and Yoga techniques in a gentle, yet vigorous, way to lengthen and strengthen though movement. You are taught to stabilize your core while moving your limbs in fluid movements that encourage long, lean, and healthy muscles.

Kathi integrates self-care and integrative movements into this class. This is a class unlike any other. You will learn about how to efficiently engage the muscles in your body, feeling like you really worked, but will leave in a centred state feeling that you treated yourself to move rather than just a workout.

This class is ideal for those who have a vigorous fitness routine in place and are looking for something to balance out the demands they put on their body so they can continue to perform at their peak.

Anxiety is a growing epidemic in the world and seems to be a topic most people can relate through. This yoga class is designed to help shine truth and light on the many different levels of anxiety you may feel and give you the inner strength, stability and grounding you need to feel calm, connected and thrive more on a moment to moment basis. Consisting of a gentle warm up, a little bit of flow, balancing poses, pranayama and a nourishing finish, each class will be carefully orchestrated to leave you feeling rejuvenated, empowered and calm, allowing you to act more genuinely, from your heart and a clear, centered mind.


To enhance the healing qualities of the class Sacred Touch/ Massage and Aromatherapy will be offered, but is completely optional.

Maitri Yoga

with  Rebecca

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Metta Flow

with Eddie

Classes - Yin (white).png

This juicy 60 minute flow yoga class provides fluid sequencing linking breath to movement, to stretch and strengthen the body and the mind. Each class ends with cooling restorative poses to guide students into a deeper calm and restored state. Edie is a huge proponent for props and modifications, making her classes accessible to all levels and new students. Through each yoga class, Edie seeks to help her students feel more empowered and connected to their truth, and balanced in their body and mind.

Each week as a group we will look to focus our awareness and “just be” as we let go of our attachments and focus through deep listening and mindful breathing. Each session will revolve around a 25 minute silent meditation that will begin and conclude with a short and gentle sound bath created on beautiful Paiste Planetary Gong. This sacred instrument is tuned to the orbit of a celestial body in our solar system and will help to ground you with its deeply resonant, healing and transformative tones upon entering meditation and will bring clarity and peace to your mind as you awaken from your meditative state.

As a group we will find new inspiration and work to increase our mindful awareness of the present moment. This can help us to connect with our true compassionate, peaceful and loving nature. In Group Meditation we tap into the same silence and source of peace as others within the group creating a caring, supportive and safe space. We will work together to help strengthen our home Meditation practice which in turn will strengthen our connection to our loved ones, our friends, our co-workers and everyone that we interact with.

The self knowledge we gain from Meditation allows us to see our situations, emotions, thoughts and words with an increased clarity and awareness. This can create more happiness within us and around us bringing an increased genuine appreciation to our lives.

No previous meditation experience is required to attend.

Mindfulness Meditation & Gong

with  Jay

Classes - Meditation.png

Open Heart Yoga

with Jodi

Classes - Open Heart Yoga.png

Enjoy an Anusara-inspired yoga class which aims to invoke heart qualities from within, and their expression, through the Universal Principles of Alignment (unique to Anusara). Anusara means "flowing with Grace" so cultivating a connection to our hearts' desires in this beautiful dance of life. Meditation, chanting, and pranayama are an integral part of this class.


Our true Essence is love and compassion and through the practice of yoga we return to this sweet place.

Jodi feels so honored to work with Sweet expectant Mammas, as a passionate prenatal yoga teacher and Doula. She guides you to connect with yourself and your growing baby (babies) during this special time working with breath, movement, and meditation. Jodi teaches a balanced class of strength & flexibility that is safe and comfortable for you. She loves to nurture community for Mammas to meet one another and truly believes in the benefits of yoga, calming the nervous system and restoring a sense of inner peace which is beneficial for both Mamma & baby.


Connect with baby, connect with your body, connect with your breath.

Feel a sense of peace & calm.

Increase your strength and flexibility.

Enjoy community with other Mammas.

Build your confidence.

During this group session you will be led through an all-encompassing, safe, and nourishing practice.


Blessings, Sweet Mammas.

Sweet Mamma

Prenatal Yoga

with Jodi

Classes - Prenatal.png

Yin|Yang Stillness

& Flow

with Amie

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Yin Yang yoga begins with the cool, passive Yin energy. Here we stimulate energetic channels (meridians), work deeply with connective tissue and invite harmony to each organ. During this first half of the class we will hold each asana (posture) for 3 to 5 minutes, allowing the stillness of Yin energy to ground your body and calm your mind. 

The second portion of the class will shift into Yang or warming, dynamic energy. Blending movement with breath, increasing blood flow and using movement to continue stimulating and balancing the meridians.

The practice winds down with a few restorative poses and a nice long savasana (corpse pose) allowing you to receive the deepest benefits of your practice. 

Praayama (breath work) and meditation are often integrated throughout the class.

All bodies and levels of experience are welcome to this class. 

"The practice of Yin Yang yoga helps us to learn about stillness in movement and the flow in stillness." - Sarah Powers

Come home to your body with the practice of Yin yoga. This gentle style is a wonderful way to connect with your body if you are new to yoga, experience pain and/or are on a healing journey. Yin is a powerful practice for experienced yogis/yoginis and anyone leading a more Yang (active) lifestyle, as it compliments Yang practices/activities and lifestyles very well. In Yin yoga, asanas (postures) are held in stillness for 3 to 5 minutes. This stillness provides space and invitation for the potential equilibrium of body, mind and spirit. The subtle practice of Yin also allows us to work our deeper 'yin' tissues - ligaments, joints and fascial tissue and even our bones, unraveling layers of tension that dynamic movement cannot always access.


A regular Yin yoga practice cultivates stillness of the mind and body, encourages emotional resilience and promotes feelings of peace and attentiveness.

Yin Yoga

with Amie

Classes - Yin (white).png

Yoga Nidra

with Amie

Classes - Yoga Nidra (1).png

Yoga Nidra originates from the ancient Vedic texts. During practice you lie in Savasana (corpse pose) as you transition into an altered state of awareness. You will be led through four main stages of brainwave activity - beta, alpha, theta and delta, using gentle breath paired with guided meditation. The ‘goal’ of Yoga Nidra is to balance in the place between wakefulness and sleep. That being said, you cannot do Yoga Nidra wrong, there is no fail. This tranquil, deep practice is accessible to all bodies of all ages and ability. No experience necessary.

A regular Yoga Nidra practice has been shown to positively impact blood pressure, immunity, blood sugar, mood, PMS, anxiety, PTSD, sleep, focus, fatigue and general tension. It is said that 1 hour of Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of 4 hours of deep, restorative sleep.

Quiet your mind, slow your breath and enjoy the profound release that restorative yoga offers. In restorative yoga each asana (pose) is held for 5 minutes, or longer. Moving through the class you will be well supported with both props and personalized guidance, creating a safe space to settle into. This encourages your body to let go with ease, release more tension and achieve a deep level of relaxation. Breath and meditation will also be used to compliment the effects of this practice. Restorative yoga is wonderful if you are looking to support an active lifestyle, improve your range of motion, relieve pain, manage stress, improve your immunity or generally feel better in your body. This class is suitable for all levels and bodies.

Yoga Restore

with Amie

Classes - Yoga Restore.png


with Laurie

Classes - YogaLates (1).png

YogaLates is a fusion of two powerful modalities Yoga & Pilates. Some classes will involve a Pilates session followed by a Yoga practice, allowing you to wind down and stretch out. Most often the practice is a blend of the two offerings intertwined- sometimes as a flow - as the breath finds the movement to create a beautifully powerful session focused on both strength and grace. Embrace the spicy as well as the sweet!

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