At Sanctuari we know that being present and in the moment is a natural state for our young friends.

We strive to help our little tribe members to develop skills and practices, in group and one-on-one formats,  that will allow them to maintain these connections as they grow. 

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Group Classes

Playful Yoga
6-9 Years ~ Grades 1-4

Children are invited into a practice of yoga that is infused with fun and imagination.

This class will teach various breathing techniques (pranayama), yoga postures (asanas) and (deep) relaxation while incorporating some creative movement and drama to add to the landscape of practicing playfully.

The benefits for children include: developing body and spatial awareness, strength, focus, concentration, enhanced self-esteem and confidence, and the reduction of anxiety.

Thursday 4:00-5:00pm

Returning in January
$90 +HST per session


Monkey and Me Meditation
Ages 6 and up with a Caring Adult

Parents and Children are invited to join Sarah in a casual, relaxed environment to learn about, and practice the art of being mindful and meditation.

You and your child will learn the basics of being mindful, expressing gratitude, and how to create a sense of inner peace.

This 45min class typically includes a talk about what mindfulness and meditation is, how to quiet the mind, a short guided meditation, and an open discussion on how we can incorporate mediation into our daily lives. 

1st Friday of the Month - 5:15-6:00pm
December 1st, February 2nd
$20 +HST per family


One on One Sessions

Play Expressive Arts Therapy

The most natural way of engaging in a meaningful way with children is through play. Play is the child’s symbolic language of self- expression. As we get older our play become the expressive arts (movement, music, poetry, drama, visual arts).

The intention of this therapy is to create a space for self-expression, to take a deeper look into the inner world and understand the organized ways of thinking, feeling and reacting. Mali, a Registered Psychotherapist,  attends to disturbances with thinking, feeling or behaviour that interferes with healthy development.

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Parent Counseling

Through the insight of a specialist, it is useful for parents to have a non-judgmental and supportive space to explore the challenges of parenting. This is a way to gain greater into your parenting style, ways of communicating and understanding communication. From this vantage point the therapist can help to develop and implement strategies that fosters change and healthy relationships.


Melanie (Mali) Rosen Registered Psychotherapist (M.A., TICAPP)

Mali creates a safe space for her clients to gain more self-understanding and awareness. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is able to develop personalized treatment programs based on the needs of her clients.

Mali has a master’s degree in Expressive Arts Therapy with a specialization in dance/movement therapy and therapeutic clown. She is a graduate of the Toronto Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Program, a Kripalu Yoga teacher and has studied various healing arts, ceremony and ritual both here and in her extensive global travels.
Combining various techniques such as: mindfulness, meditation, expressive arts therapy (dance, sound/music, drama, visual arts, creative writing/poetry), developing personal ceremony and ritual and energy work.

Single Sessions: $100 +HST

The Moment you start seeing life as playfulness, all the burden on your heart disappears.
— Osho